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18 pc Wavy Parallel Set

18 pc Wavy Parallel Set

$34.9934.99 SKU WP18950
WP18950 18 pc Wavy Parallel Set AUGUST 2022 SPECIALS

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18 pc Wavy Parallel Set 9 pair ranges: 1/2"-1 1/2" in 1/8" increments New concept for precise, vertical positioning. High quality spring steel, hardened, stress relieved and precision ground. Guaranteed to size .0002" All parallels Made from high quality spring steel Each parallel Hardened and precision ground Exceeds possibilities of conventional parallels For use on precision clamping for drilling, milling, boring, grinding, and assembly operations, etc. Supplied in fitted wooden case


1/2: to 1 1/2" x 1/8" increments +/- .0002" parallelism