5C Spin-Index Fixture (without collets)

5C Spin-Index Fixture (without collets)

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4301 5C Spin-Index Fixture (without collets) KITTS 2023 STORE

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4301 5C Spin-Index Fixture (without collets) . The 5C Spin Indexer is a quick, simple and accurate device for mill work. Mount your workpiece in the 5C Collet and thread it into the indexer. Great for miniature work such as clock gears. Comes complete with precision ground, 36-position index plate, calibrated in 1 degree increments. 5C collet not included.

Fitted with a traveling spindle and collar, the 5-C Spin Index is unmatched for forming, grinding, and inspecting end mills and other fluted cutting tools. This spin index accepts 5-C collets up to 1-1/8" capacity and features a 36 hole indexing plate with 10 vernier holes for indexing to 1 degree. Locking spindle is hardened and ground and has 2-1/16" of travel.

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