2″ x 8′ Endless Lift Sling by ERICKSON

2″ x 8′ Endless Lift Sling by ERICKSON

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09002 2″ x 8′ Endless Lift Sling by ERICKSON ERICKSON

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Features & Benefits:

  • Durable polyester sling can be used for a variety of lifting applications
  • Eye ends to fit your application
  • Single-ply webbing

Hitch Capacity:

Basket: 6400 lb./2900 kg.
Choker: 2500 lb./1130 kg.
Vertical: 3200 lb./1450 kg.


  • Webbing specs:
    • 8′ endless loop
    • Width: 2″
    • Color: Yellow
    • Material: Polyester
    • Single ply
    • 7″ of stitching connects strap


Proper Use/Safety Factors WLL and Design Factor Erickson’s synthetic slings are manufactured to ensure a design factor of 5:1. This design factor is a factor which is divided into the nominal strength of a sling to arrive at the WLL (or Rated Capacity). This factor is necessary to allow for wear, abrasion, damage and variations in loads which are not always readily apparent to the sling user. BUT DOES NOT COVER FOR INSUFFICIENT EDGE PROTECTION OR PROTECTION AGAINST CUTTING.
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