TA6000 2 pc Mechanics Stethoscope

SKU TA6000
TA6000 2 pc Mechanics Stethoscope Description: New Mechanics Sonarcope Auto Engine Hearing Device Pinpoint Tool Stethoscope Diagnostic Test ! Super Sensitive Mechanic's Stethoscope To Help You Listen To Engine Sounds. Two-piece Metal Probe Can Extend To 11 3/4" For Hard-to-reach Spots. Locates source of engine noise quickly, listen for trouble by tracing sound of flowing water, oil, gas or steam. Identify piston slap, worn gears, faulty valves, water pump failure, damaged gaskets and defective bearings * Great For The "do-it-yourself". * Professional Quality * Super Sensitive * Heavy Duty Vinyl Tubing * Shock Resistant Abs Handle * Picks Up Engine Noises * 11.75" Long Overall Features: * Sensitive instrument * Provides a fast and easy way to locate troubles in engines bearings and other moving parts * Plastic ear phones shut off outside noises * Aluminum steel probe needle for finding the exact location of unusual noises * Plastic and rubber parts make the instrument shockproof * Check transmission, transfer case, valve train, rear axle, and the engine * Material: Plastic/Metal
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