220 20 pc Master Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

SKU 220
220 20 pc Master Spray Gun Cleaning Kit This 10 pc. Spray gun cleaning kit is safe to use with chemicals, solvents, acids, etc. and is ideal for cleaning all types of suction, Gravity feed, HVLP, Touch-Up, Detailing and Pressure spray guns as well as Airbrushes and Stripping Tools (2) 5/16" Body Brush. 5" Multi-Purpose Spray Gun Cleaning Brush (For Internal & External Cleaning). (5) Wooden Picks. (1) Piece Each 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" Tube Cleaning Brushes. Soft Bristle External Cleaning Brush. Soft Bristle Detail Cleaning Brush. Air Cap Cleaning Tool. Container of Spray Gun Lubricant. FLUSH GUN WITH SOLVENT AFTER USE OF LUBRICANT
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